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Bachelor of Science (BSc General) is a four-year course at Tribhuvan University (TU). This program is conducted by the TU Institute of Science and Technology (IoST).

The syllabus has been upgraded from 3 to 4 years of curriculum since 2012 in order to make it in line with the international universities’ practices.

The total BSc General course is of 2000 marks. Students have to study the core syllabus and scientific communication in the first year, core lectures and applied statistics in the second year.

In the third year, apart from the core curriculum of the respective discipline, they have to study research methodology and elective subjects. In elective studies, they have to choose any two subjects from their respective subject pool.

The fourth year consists of a core syllabus, project work/ field work, computational +, and interdisciplinary courses. The fourth year is research-oriented for providing knowledge, ideas, and acquaintance to the scholars in the field of research.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc General) course is divided into theory and practical which is of 100 and 50 marks respectively. Bachelor of Science envisions producing highly qualified undergraduates with a strong foundation in the different disciplines of science and technology.

B.SC. 1st
Compulsory Subject
Sc.Comu. 101 - Science Communication 50
Bio Group
Chem. 101 - Chemistry Theory 100
Chem. 102 - Chemistry Practical 50
Bot. 101 - Botany Theory 100
Bot. 102 - Botany Practical 50
Env. 101 - Environment Science Theory 100
Env. 102 - Environment Science Practical 50
Physical Group
Phy. 101 - Physics Theory 100
Phy. 102 - Physics Practical 25
Phy. 103 - Physics Practical 25
Math 101 - Mathematics I 75
Math 102 - Mathematics II 75
Env. 101 - Environment Science Theory 100
Env. 102 - Environment Science Practical 50
B.SC. 2nd
Compulsory Subject
Appd. Stat 201 - Applied Statistics 50
Bio Group
Chem. 201 - Chemistry II Theory 100
Chem. 202 - Basic Chemistry II Practical 50
Bot. 201 - Ecol. phy. Cyto. Embr. & Anat. Theory 100
Bot. 202 - Ecol.phy.Cyto.Embr.&Anat. Practical 50
Env. 201 - Fundmentals of Environment Sci.Theory 100
Env. 202 - Fundmentals of Environment Sci.Practical 50

B.SC. 3rd

Compulsory Subject
Rm 305 - Research Methodology Th+Pr 80+20
Bio Group
Env. 301 - Env.Pollution & Resource Con.Theory 100
Env. 302 - Env.Pollution & Resource Con.Practical 50
Env. 303 - Env.Assesment & Proj.Mgmt (Elective) 50
Bot. 301 - Plant Biochemistry & Biotech Theory 100
Bot. 302 - Plant Biochemistry & Biotech Practical 50
Bot. 304 - Medicinal & Aeromatic Plants Theory 50

B.SC. 4th
Env. 401 - Biodiver. Conservation & Mgmt Theory 100
Env. 402 - Biodiver. Conservation & Mgmt Practical 30
Env. 402 - Biodiver. Conservation & Mgmt Field 20
Env. 403 - Pollution Control & Env.Govern.Theory 100
Env. 404 - Pollution Control & Env.Govern. Practical 30
Env. 404 - Pollution Control & Env.Govern. Field 20
Env. 405 - Urbanization & Sustainable Development
Env. 406 - Project Work 100
Env. 407 - Climate Change & Eco. Sys.Mgmt 50
Com 408 - Computational Course 50

Objectives of BSc General

The objectives of the Bachelor of Science (BSc General) TU course for students are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc General)  make them well acquainted with the latest ideas, knowledge, Inventions, and practices in the theoretical and practical aspects of science and technology.
  • To familiarize and give direction to them in the research and project works and make them understand its importance and applicability in the field of science.
  • To generate passion and interest in them regarding further study and continuous learning activities in the field of science and technology.
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc General) course provides a strong foundation for them to pass the postgraduate level entrance exam and develop efficiency to get employment at national and international levels.

Admission Requirements in BSc General

Admission Requirement:

The admission requirements for the BSc General TU course are as follows:

  • They should pass the entrance exam of their respective subjects taken by Tribhuvan University IoST.
  • The entrance exam is of two hours.
  • The separate entrance exam is taken for the physics and biology groups at separate times.
  • The merit list is published then after.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the Bachelor of Science BSc General under Tribhuvan University course are as follows:

  • He/ She should pass plus two science or I. SC. or A-level or equivalent degree from TU or University/ Board/ Institute recognized by TU.
  • Students should meet the specific criteria for the concerned subjects.

Career and Scope

A good performer at the undergraduate level in science has a wide range of scope and job opportunities. The Bachelor of Science (BSc General) course is very tough and challenging and it needs a lot of dedication, hard work, passion, and creativity.

The undergraduates in the BSc General field can choose to continue their further study in the developed nations. The science degree holder is highly demanded and rewarded in the foreign countries.

Not only in the developed nations, the degree holders are in demand in the home country as well. Graduates can work as teachers and trainers in the schools and tuition centers. They can also perform in different positions in the research field.

There are different governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporate houses, and industries working in the general field of BSc, where degree holders can operate and earn very good salaries. Apart from this, there are other different fields where they can choose to make their career.

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