BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a four years degree run by different universities of Nepal. It was first introduced by Purbanchal University in the year 1999. Later on Pokhara University also started the BCA program. Lots of Colleges in India has been running this BCA degree since a long time. Tribhuvan University also started this program since the year 2017. At first only the constituent campuses were given the affiliation and later on lots of colleges were given the permission to run BCA from 2018.

BCA can be compared with Bachelor of Computer Science, as the main focus of BCA program is to develop manpower needed for the application area of IT industry. The main objective of the BCA program is to develop software developers for the IT industry and along with it BCA graduates can opt for Networking & Security, Design & Multimedia, Database, Data Science, System Administration and so on. BCA is a generalized degree which gives a strong foundation on different core areas of IT sector. Hence, students can select their interest area after completing BCA degree.

Some of the areas where BCA graduates can mainly work after the completion of their study is mentioned below:

BCA graduates can work as a

  • Software/ application developer
  • Game developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Project manager
  • System analyst
  • Database developer
  • Multimedia expert
  • SEO/ SMM expert
  • User interface designer


BCA is a semester system and marking is based on grades. The total credit of 4 years is 126 out of which students have to study computer subject for 96 credit hours. 60% marks is evaluated on the basis of final exams whereas 40% marks is evaluated based on the internal exam and internal evaluation.

BCA First Semester
Computer Fundamentals and Applications [CACS101]4 Credit Hours
Society and Technology [CASO102] 3 Credit Hours
English I [CAEN103] 3 Credit Hours
Mathematics I [CAMT104] 3 Credit Hours
Digital Logic [CACS105] 3 Credit Hours

BCA Second Semester
C Programming [CACS151] 4 Credit Hours
Financial Accounting [CAAC152] 3 Credit Hours
English II [CAEN153] 3 Credit Hours
Mathematics II [CAMT154] 3 Credit Hours
Microprocessor and Computer Architecture [CACS155]3 Credit Hours

BCA Third Semester
Data Structures and Algorithms [CACS201] 3 Credit Hours
Probability and Statistics [CAST202] 3 Credit Hours
System analysis and design [CACS203] 3 Credit Hours
OOP in Java [CACS204] 3 Credit Hours
Web Technology [CACS205] 3 Credit Hours

BCA Fourth Semester
Operating System [CACS251] 3 Credit Hours
Numerical Methods [CACS252] 3 Credit Hours
Software Engineering [CACS253] 3 Credit Hours
Scripting Language [CACS254] 3 Credit Hours
Database Management System [CACS255] 3 Credit Hours
Project I [CAPJ256] 2 Credit Hours

BCA Fifth Semester
MIS and E-Business [CACS301] 3 Credit Hours
DotNet Technology [CACS302] 3 Credit Hours
Computer Networking [CACS303] 3 Credit Hours
Introduction to Management [CAMG304] 3 Credit Hours
Computer Graphics and Animation [CACS305] 3 Credit Hours

BCA Sixth Semester
Mobile Programming [CACS351] 3 Credit Hours
Distributed System [CACS352] 3 Credit Hours
Applied Economics [CAEC353] 3 Credit Hours
Advanced Java Programming [CACS354] 3 Credit Hours
Network Programming [CACS355] 3 Credit Hours
Project II [CAPJ356] 2 Credit Hours

BCA Seventh Semester
Cyber Law and Professional Ethics [CACS401] 3 Credit Hours
Cloud Computing [CACS402] 3 Credit Hours
Internships [CAIN403] 3 Credit Hours
Elective I 3 Credit Hours
Elective II 3 Credit Hours

BCA Eighth Semester
Operations Research [CAOR451] 3 Credit Hours
Project III [CAPJ452] 6 Credit Hours
Elective III 3 Credit Hours
Elective IV 3 Credit Hours

Applied Psychology [CAPS476]
Geographical Information System [CACS477]
IT in Banking [CACS478]
Hotel Information System [CACS479]
Enterprise Resource Planning [CAER480]
Knowledge Engineering [CACS482]
Advanced DotNet Technology [CACS483]
Database Programming [CACS484]
Database Administration [CACS485]
Network Programming [CACS486]


There is a lot of demand in the field of IT. Hence, there is a lot of scope for BCA graduates in both private and government sector. There are lots of vacancies in government sector to fulfill the need of IT manpower. Similarly, software industry, corporate sector also equally need IT manpower to fulfill the demand of IT industry. There are different sectors in IT where BCA graduates can work after the successful completion of the degree for e.g.

  • Software development (web app developer, mobile app developer, system developer, game developer)
  • design & multimedia (web designer, graphics designer, video editor, animator, broadcasting, vfx, motion graphics)
  • network & security (network technician, network engineer, security expert)
  • Database (database administrator, database developer)
  • system administration
  • Quality assurance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud
  • Virtualization


Students who have passed PCL or + 2 or equivalent examinations with minimum 40% marks or 2 CGPA (not less than D+ in single Subject) are eligible for admission in BCA program of Tribhuvan University.


Tribhuvan University will take the BCA entrance exam of 2 hours which consist of 100 marks with 40 marks of mathematics, 50 marks of English and 10 marks of General Knowledge. The format of the exam will be multiple choice question. Apart from this the college can also have their own evaluation criteria.

Check the sample entrance exam question in the link below:


Students can do (MCA) Masters of Computer Application after completing BCA. Also students willing to go abroad for Masters can also apply for Masters of Computer Science.

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